Behaviour Agreement

Welcome to It's Nice To Talk! This agreement details your responsibilities related to your use of the It's Nice To Talk website & mobile apps as a registered and non-registered member. By creating an It's Nice To Talk account or by otherwise indicating that you agree, you are agreeing to this agreement, so please take a moment to read this, along with the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.

It's Nice To Talk is a community for building long-lasting and meaningful connections with other users, our users must conduct themselves in a friendly and safe manner to ensure the platforms remains a safe environment for our members. We use the term services here to define our website, app and any other services offered by It's Nice To Talk.

For the expected behaviour, please visit section 5.

1. Eligibility

  1. .1 Each person is limited to one account, and you must not share your account password with anyone else or allow someone else to use your account.
  2. .2 When you register for It's Nice To Talk, you must use your real name/legal name. Submitting inaccurate registration information is a violation of this Agreement and could result in a ban from our services.

2. Account types.

It's Nice to Talk offers a free version to access our services, and a paid version that offers more functionality, users must not share their account details with anyone else and It's Nice To Talk requires one free or paid account per person.

3. Privacy and preferences.

3.1 The services offered by It's Nice To Talk require access to some personal information, however, this data is not shared with any third party companies, however, we do use some third-party software. Including:
Firebase, Twilio, Agora and Mailgun.

3.2 By default, you will receive notifications from It's Nice To Talk to improve the service we provide. You can change your preferences about receiving notifications and emails in your account's settings.

4. Content and feedback.

4.1 You retain all ownership rights to the text, photos, messaging and other content you submit to It's Nice to Talk. You permit us, in the form of a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, and worldwide license, to use, copy, and publish your Content. This means, for example, if you post a comment on It's Nice To Talk, you give us permission to store, copy, and share it with others. We do not proactively moderate Content posted by members; however, if reported we can delete this content and remove users from our services.

4.2 You permit us to use your name and profile picture, and other information in any future marketing campaigns. You also permit the use of your data to be viewed by other members, free and paid.

5. Interactions with other members.

5.1. Expected behaviour

5.1.1 No racial or violent language

5.1.2 Do not incite violence

5.1.3 Respect other users requests

5.1.4 Do not ask others for personal information, such as their address

5.1.5 Use common sense and abide by the law

5.1.5 Use common sense and abide by the law

5.2. Transactions with other members.

The services offered allow users to interact with one another, users must act respectfully at all times and abide by common laws. Users in breach of this will be removed from our services.

5.3. Disputes between members; waiver of claims against It's Nice to Talk.

It's Nice To Talk understand that sometimes disputes may arise and we expect our members to resolve such disputes amicably. If however a dispute can not be resolved both users face removal from our services to protect our other users.

6. Using our mobile app.

If you download and install the It's Nice To Talk app, we give you a limited, revocable, non-transferable license to use it only to access and use It's Nice To Talk on your behalf through your iOS or Android device; additional terms may apply from the site you download it from (Apple App Store or Google Play store) or the manufacturers of your device or software.

7. No warranty.

It's Nice To Talk services are provided "As Is". We do not promise that any aspect of our software or service will work properly or continuously. We may add, change, or discontinue product features; if you are dissatisfied, your only remedy is to stop using It's Nice To Talk or the affected feature.

15. Indemnity.

If someone brings a claim against It's Nice to Talk based on a harm you caused, you agree to reimburse us for any costs we incur in defending against that claim, including reasonable damages and loss of earnings.

16. Liability limits.

It's Nice To Talk, Noviom Labs or any other suppliers shall not be liable for any damages or loss arising out of or in connection to the services provided by It's Nice To Talk. In no event shall It's Nice to Talk be liable for more than £10.

If you believe a member is not abiding by this behaviour agreement, please report that user and we will investigate further.

Thank you for working with us to create a safe and inviting community, where users can meet and grow their community of like-minded people.

It's Nice To Talk.